More than 10 Fantastic Ideas for Using Ice Trays.

You can use simple ice trays to prepare spices, sweets and other very simple things to do. Here are some ideas.

⇒You can use the normal ice trays, but the ideal ones are the silicone trays because they help when it’s time to remove.

Before modern refrigerators existed, most of us would buy ice cube trays to help cool us down on hot, summer days. We would fill them up with water, and then store them in the freezer for use when needed.

But since modern refrigerators already have ice makers built in to them, there has not been a great need for ice cube trays. Rather than letting them sit around try one of these fun, creative tricks.


To make it easier to cook, you can prepare seasoning cubes in advance. Place herbs like rosemary, oregano on a tray of ice, cover with olive oil and freeze. Then just put it in the pan.


Ice cubes with fruit:

A super fresh and colorful idea to brighten your parties or dinners. Put pieces of fruit in the ice tray, cover with water and freeze, then just put in the jar or glass where drinks are serve. Can replace the water with a champagne, wine, sprite. 


Coffee cubes:

For those who like milk with coffee this is the perfect solution. Freeze the coffee and then add to the milk. It’s a great idea to use any leftover coffee.

A favorite!


Chocolate Candy: (Bombons)

A super cute idea for ​​chocolate candies that you can fill with whatever you like the most. Pour a layer of chocolate and let it harden. Stuff with marshmallows or peanut butter or fruit and cover with another layer of chocolate, freeze. Enjoy your tasty candy.

Love this one!


If you like tasty food, prepare some good home made stock. They give a lot of flavor to the food and are healthier than those who buy at supermarket. Meat, chicken … can be frozen and used when you need it.


Egg Whites:

You used egg yolks in a recipe and you don’t know what to do with egg whites or vise versa….here is an idea. Then use when you need them.



A super great idea to serve at parties. Gelatin with pieces of fruit. A tasty idea that allows you to eat jelly in the shape of candies. The kids love it!

Another Favorite!


Tomato Sauce:

The base is the same as the broth and seasonings. Make tomato sauce and freeze in individual doses so that you can use as needed.


Lemon juice:

If you have a lot of lemons and do not know what to do with them. Squeeze the juice and place in the ice tray. Perfect for preparing lemonade on warmer days.



Cool down a hot cup of coffee or tea and mix in your favorite cream at the same time with these cool cubes.

You just need your favorite brand of coffee creamer or whipping cream and 2-4 hours of freezing time to make these helpful cubes. Your mouth will never be scalded again!

Great idea to enjoy use and enjoy any left over milk. 


Some of the many ways you can use a ice tray! Wow!

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