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HELLO! I’m Sandra and welcome to my world. I am a wife and a mother, I love riding as a Pillion, Newbie to the fitness world, rediscovering my passion for photography, I love nature, I am always learning new things and I am crazy about the things I love. I am also passionate about empowering others and inspiring others to live a life of intention, positivism and abundance. I’m a morning person and organization freak! I believe that with a vision and the purest of intention, we can manifest a life that feels the most authentic and fulfilling to us. I’m a strong believer in transparency and being yourself! Sharing all parts of you and your life, because that is what is real. The ups and downs, and showing yourself in all of your authentic glory and just owning it. There is nothing wrong with that! People need to realize that you can have a perfect and happy life even though you still experience the good and bad things that come with it. Life and balance is about accepting every single part of your life as it is. Allowing ourselves to process our emotions, good and bad, and reflecting on it. Turning negatives into positives and squeezing whatever good you can out of every situation life throws you into. I started this blog as an online journal where I can document my life and emotions as well as a creative outlet to share the things I am passionate about. I started this blog with the hopes of improving myself and breaking the limits I have unconsciously restricted myself with. This is my small space of the internet where you can find a multitude of articles about Intentional living, Positivism, Fitness Journey, Photography, Riding as a Pillion and some Healthy Recipes. As for my skills, I would have to say I’m mostly self taught. Everything I know I have learned from life and Internet Articles. This blog is about my journey of self discovery and self love. I have issues with my self esteem. I know what it’s like to feel without purpose and direction. I know what it’s like to lack motivation. I’m learning about loving myself for who I am as a person and not what I look like. I’m doing what I want. I’ve felt heart break. I’ve had debilitating anxieties. I Like to have fun and do spontaneous things. I have an Amazing Husband and two sons. I have an understanding of who I am and what I want. I’ve learned what it is to be treated well. I can appreciate life and the small things. I pride myself on being able to accept that I have made mistakes and learned from them and that I must start to love myself more for who I am and start to make improvements/corrections of my life. This is my journey and it starts now! Love Sandra
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