A 27th Wedding Anniversary.

It is a special day for us, it is our Wedding Anniversary and in honor of our 27th wedding anniversary, I have compiled a list of the 27 things I have learned about marriage in these past 27 years. I am sure most people, after being married a long time, have learned the same.

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More than 10 Fantastic Ideas for Using Ice Trays.

You can use simple ice trays to prepare spices, sweets and other very simple things to do. Here are some ideas. ⇒You can use the normal ice trays, but the ideal ones are the silicone trays because they help when it’s time to remove. Before modern refrigerators existed, most of us would buy ice cube […]

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Healthy Hake Fillet Recipe

I am a lover of good Portuguese cuisine, although I also appreciate other cuisine. When I get tired of eating meat I love to prepare this healthy dish. It is prepared and cooked in under an hour. I know that Hake is not an attractive fish, at first sight it resembles a silvery trout, meaning […]

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